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Steve Reich’s Different Trains

As a young child in 1940’s America, Reich spent a lot of time riding trains between New York and California. Later in life, riding trains in Boston, he had the realization that as a Jew, had he been born in … Continue reading

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96: Dvorak’s Symphony No. 6 in D major

Symphony No. 6, written in 1880, ¬†was Dvorak’s first published symphony. It was published as Symphony No. 1 by Fritz Simrock, but Dvorak considered it to be his fifth. It was written for the Vienna Philharmonic under Hans Richter after … Continue reading

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Why I Care…

Tchaikovsky was gay. Beethoven went deaf. Berlioz was tortured by love and plotted a murder. Mozart was poor and died mysteriously. Borodin taught science. Liszt was a playboy. Mussorgsky a drunk. Mahler was superstitious. Schumann tried to kill himself. Brahms … Continue reading

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