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Steve Reich’s Different Trains

As a young child in 1940’s America, Reich spent a lot of time riding trains between New York and California. Later in life, riding trains in Boston, he had the realization that as a Jew, had he been born in … Continue reading

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99: Philip Glass’s Symphony No. 4 “Heroes”

Our 99th Symphony jumps more than 200 years from Haydn’s 100th in 1794 to Philip Glass’s 4th in 1996. Titled Heroes, Glass’s symphony is based on the 1977 album by David Bowie. This was the second album in the “Berlin … Continue reading

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Tan Dun’s Ghost Opera

A fellow blogger recently posted an article about the sense of satisfaction you get from discovering music as opposed to being introduced to it by someone else. We are occasionally lucky enough to stumble across a piece of music we’ve … Continue reading

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